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welcome to the Purple Haze quarry public consultation website

On behalf of Grundon Sand & Gravel, welcome to our online public consultation into our proposed development of land known as Purple Haze, which is allocated for mineral extraction in Hampshire County Council’s Minerals Plan.

Following our drop-in session in March 2019, we have nearly completed our site investigations and surveys and are in a position to offer you more detailed information about our proposals.

We’d like to hear from you

Our public consultation opens on 17 July 2020

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The Government is keen to keep planning applications moving through the system and many local authorities, including Hampshire County Council, are taking innovative steps to progress applications to prevent a significant backlog.

The second stage of our public consultation programme gives us the opportunity to provide detailed explanations of our proposals.

During these difficult times, we are unable to host a face-to-face consultation.

However, we have taken the opportunity to provide a range of options for you to provide your feedback, which are explained on our feedback panel at the end of this display. It is important for us to understand any comments you might have.

As we are unable to discuss our proposals with you face-to-face, we have included more detailed explanations than normal, to try and anticipate some of the questions you might ask. We have also included a Frequently Asked Questions document in our information pack – and the opportunity to ask us further questions as the application progresses.

We hope this information will explain the background to our proposals, the need for the materials, operational and environmental controls and how we propose to work and restore the site.

About our proposals

The proposed development would provide the opportunity to maximise the recovery of building sand, while at the same time minimising environmental impacts

Tried and tested measures would be put in place to minimise any effects on the local community and the environment in the local area

The site would be worked and restored in stages and progressively returned to heathland, woodland and wetland areas, with a net biodiversity gain

about Grundon Sand & Gravel

Grundon Sand & Gravel is a family company, founded in 1929.

We provide a wide range of quality aggregates for building, landscaping and decorative purposes.

Our quarries are recognised as achieving Professional Recognition in Mineral Extraction (PRIME) status by the Institute of Quarrying. This recognises high standards in technical skills and best practice operations.